Our Beginnings

 JoeCrews Amazing Facts established in 1966, started from a brilliant idea on the radio to attract listeners from all walks of life. Joe Crews, who first served as a speaker, open every radio broadcasts with amazing facts and then followed by the messages of the Bible related so that it can be understood by every listener. At the end of each program, it offers a free Bible study to encourage each listener to study God’s Word for themselves.

Gradually, Amazing Facts expand its services by publishing dozens of books centered on Christ and create a system of school-based Bible correspondence that can be accessed by anyone. Not long after that, the ministry also began sending young people who are trained to preach the Gospel to all corners of the country, winning soul in a way that is charming.

Then in the mid-1980s, Amazing Facts again expanded its services through the popular media, namely television. What is clear, the programs are biblically proven to be very powerful, providing life-changing message to thousands of viewers around the world.


In 1994, Doug Batchelor, a writer and an energetic evangelist win souls, to lead this ministry. Pastor Doug is an innovative speaker with exceptional communication skills not just for the church, but to the outside of the church throughout the world. Under the dynamic leadership of this ministry is growing rapidly – reaching more people in more ways than ever before.

When this field Amazing Facts ministry has been very widely through radio, television, Internet, books, training, and much more in the hope this message can reach the entire community in the world.

Seeing how important and good Bible lessons, books, websites and videos that have been made by Amazing Facts, we in Indonesia longs for bahanbahan valuable that has been made by Amazing Facts can also be enjoyed by more people in Indonesia and speaking readers cognate such as Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam.

Thank God in the year 2011 the last several published books like Amazing Facts Amazing Health, The Hidden Truth, Marriage Divorce and Marriage Back has been translated and published in Indonesian. Until now has thousands of books have been distributed and enjoyed by many people Indonesia to Malaysia and Singapore.

The Lord also an opportunity for Indonesia to have one Evangelism training belongs Amazing Facts (Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism). A best training institutions who have experience for 45 years and has educated so many evangelists, teachers and workers of the gospel throughout the world.

After the US, Britain, the Philippines, India, and Germany, in the year 2013 will be opened in Indonesia – Indonesian Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism ( IAFCOE ) held in Solo – Central Java.

Amazing Facts also allow that Amazing Facts Indonesia can manage and broadcast as well as translating entire learning materials, websites, books and videos that have been made Amazing Facts in order to reach more people in Indonesia and which has cognates in order to obtain a blessing and gain access to the amazing facts of biblical truth.

If you feel blessed with the website and the materials that have been made by Amazing Facts, let us disseminate and share these blessings with others.