We sincerely hope that every contribution that entry can be really beneficial to help every work of ministry, especially in sharing the good news with everyone, either via the Internet (website), print media (books), so your contribution will help to reach more people.

You can make a donation / contribution through:


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For bookings can directly send orders via email to .

2. IAFCOE Students

There are many members of the church in various regions in Indonesia who wanted to get training in Indonesian Amazing Facts Of Evangelism (IAFCOE), so that they can work to serve the Lord more effectively and Maximum wherever they are placed. However, the limited cost much their problem. Therefore, we invite Mr. / Mrs. / Mr / i who are called to be a “Sponsor” for prospective students IAFCOE who need help to finance their training.


There are spiritual books of “ Amazing Facts ” that has been translated and ready to be printed so that it can be a means to disseminate Evangelism. However, because of limited funds to make this project become choked. We invite Mr. / Mrs. / Mr / i were moved to help the project, so that the work could soon be resolved.


There are several other evangelistic projects are currently running are:

– Health Clinic , serves a medical examination at the public free of charge and provide therapy with natural ways.

– Website , a means of evangelism through the Internet

– Bible Worker , providing personal Bible study to the general public who desire to study the Bible more deeply.

and some other projects that will soon be working as Radio Online, Bible E-Learning, as well as the use of various devices Multimedia for evangelism.

All assistance can be channeled through the following account:

Name of Bank: Bank Central Asia (BCA)
No. Rek: 392 028 7505

Please send confirmation via email to after sending a donation so that we can know and allocated in accordance with the intended project. Thank you. God bless.